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Hewlett Family Dental. Your smile is our passion.
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With a full range of cosmetic dentistry services, you can get your smile makeover today. Get white teeth with no gaps or cracks. Plus, your teeth will be healthier with our help too. Ask about our financing options. We try to make beautiful teeth affordable to everyone.

Make your smile beautiful. You can cover up any disfiguration with a beautiful veneer.

Composite, or white fillings match more closely to natural tooth colors. They can be used to repair a tooth affected by decay, cracks, fractures, and most other problems. Composite fillings are very durable, though they may need to be replaced after several years.

Tooth-colored fillings

You can get a covering placed over your teeth to make them beautiful. In one or two appointments, you can have a veneer bonded or cemented to the front of a tooth. If you have diastema (a gap in your teeth), then you can close the gap with composite resin filling.

Veneers and Composites

Teeth whitening is a simple process that is not invasive. The number one aesthetic concern among our patients is discolored teeth. Get a home teeth whitening system today.

Whiten your teeth

Get state-of-the-art dentistry